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Steel bollards

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So many uses for Steel Bollards

Businesses us steel bollards to protect their property and lower their liability. Steel bollards are used to protect customers cars and to prevent a vehicle from crashing into a store or business. Often homeowners use them when they are on a dangerous corner or to prevent someone from backing into their property.

Iron Man Pipe and Steel sells bollards

Steel bollards prevent damage to property and injury to people, property, and animals. If you start looking for steel bollards, you will see them everywhere. They protect the fuel pumps, drive-through windows at banks and fast-food restaurants, and often store fronts.

Start looking for bollards and you will see them everywhere.

Customer Testimonial

My business is in Austin on a busy street. It is not unusual to look out my window and see a car accident. Recently I bought a few steel bollards from Iron Man and had no sooner got them up than a pickup slammed into one of them. This the a Bollord right in front of my display window. Had it not been for the steel bollord, serious damage would have been done to my property.

Gary Dry
Austin Texas

Ironman will cut and deliver steel fence posts
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